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Personalized Reflective and Adjustable Harness

Personalized Reflective and Adjustable Harness

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Fit for small and medium dogs and cats

  • Teddy
  • Bichon Frisé West highland
    Whiteterrier SkyeTerrier Dachshund Pomeranian
    Pug Schnauzer Samoyed Chow Chow
    Poodle Yorkie



    Super comfortable: the pulling force is evenly distributed on the body to prevent pulling and suffocation. The dog vest harness has an adjustable chest strap and snap buckle, which can move body parts freely and can adapt to your dog's growth without frequent replacement.

    Sturdy handle: The sturdy nylon handle further shortens the distance between you and the dog, making each other more intimate. It is also the best partner for service dogs, easy to control your dog.

    Outdoor safety: The reflective tape ensures that your dog is highly visible and ensures that the dog is safe at night. You can attach the dog’s leash to the D-ring to make it safer on crowded streets. High-quality safety belts are very suitable for daily walking, running, hiking, training, hunting, outdoor adventures.



    Material: Nylon
    Product Category: Chest strap


    Baby 1(xxxs) Bust 25-31cm
    Dog weight less than 1.5kg
    Cat weighs less than 2kg

    Baby 2(xxs) Bust 30- 41cm
    Dog weight 1.5-3.5kg
    The cat weighs less than 2-6kg

    XS Bust 36- 50cm
    Dog weight 3.5-7.5kg
    The cat weighs within 3.5-7.5kg

    S Bust 50- 60cm
    Dog weight 7-13kg

    M Bust 55-65cm
    Dog weight 12-23kg

    L Bust 65-80cm
    Dog weight 23- 29kg

    XL Bust 70- -90cm
    Dog weight 28-40kg

    XXL Bust 90 -120cm
    Dog weight 40-80kg

    Package Content:

    1x Harness

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